contact improvisation (from 2010)

I dance, investigate and teach contact improvisation since 2010. with the other artists from coletivo lugar comum, I’ve been organizing jams and workshops in recife. I’m part of the staff of the CONTATO COLETIVO (recife contact meeting), held biannually in olinda and ENCONTRO DIAMANTINO (diamantino contact meeting), held annually at the chapada diamantina, bahia. some of the teachers I’ve studied with include sasha bezrodnova (russia), camillo vacalebre (italy), catalina chouy (uruguay), ricardo neves (brazil), autarco arfini (argentina), hugo leonardo (brazil), lior ophir (israel), gustavo lecce (argentina), tal avni (israel), gabriel forestieri (US), daniela schwartz (argentina) and eckhard muller (germany).

my current interests involving contac improvisation include dance as urban intervention and dance with nature.