solo for many voices (2013)

performance aprox. 45’
conception/research/performance: conrado falbo
production: coletivo lugar comum
sound technician: carl de morais
costume designer: maria agrelli
lightning designer: luciana raposo
creative collaboration: coletivo lugar comum


what can a voice do when it doesn’t speak or sing? how can space be constructed using only vocal sounds and its visible reverberations on the body? these were the questions I had in mind when creating this performance, always considering voice a communication principle that reaches way beyond conventional codes and signs. my aim was to investigate an horizon of expression at once concrete for its focus on the body and abstract for its openness to different interpretations and categorizations.

the performance’s vocal actions are mediated by a microphone connected to a loop station. the sounds are produced and manipulated live by the performer himself: vocalizations are gradually overlapped and the sound effects you can hear are the result of this and only this overlapping. there is absolutely no use of previously recorded material or digital sound effects.