workshop voice in motion

VOICE IN MOTION: letting the body sound through movement improvisation

in this workshop I introduce some of the practices I’ve been exploring in my creative work for the past few years. the general idea is to focus on movement improvisation as a way of letting the body express itself through sound. synthesizing principles from a variety of practices like contact improvisation, action theater, real time composition, creative writing and vocal technique (among others) I propose to work within minimum improvisation structures having the only goal of letting things flow while being aware and ready to respond creatively to whatever comes.


the duration of the workshop depends on the availability of the hosting space and the needs of the public. it is possible to work intensively in one or two days (morning and afternoon with a lunch break) or to divide the work in two or three days with meetings in the mornings or afternoons.


ample work space, reasonably acoustic isolated in order to prevent external interferences and with a floor suitable to movement work. sound systems or loudspeakers are not needed.


the work is directed to both professional performers/students and everyone who wants to develop the body’s expressive potential without professional ambitions. the diversity of participants is most welcome since it makes the work richer.


photos: melina bomfim


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